QGIS Server quick test

...but if you need to quickly design (colors, simbology, labels, zoom rules) and publish web maps, without the need of manually/copy-n-pasting MapServer MapFiles, then QGIS Server is here to help. Using an instance of QGIS - the great opensource desktop GIS - you will be able to design nice maps including zoom based rules and advanced simbology and then view the web map(powered by QGIS Server!) with exactly THE SAME appearance as defined in QGIS desktop. A WYSIWYG design-and-publish method.


Testando o QGIS Server

...e para casos onde se deseja rapidamente elaborar mapas e os publicar via web, sem a necessidade de se editar MapFiles, como no caso do MapServer, talvez o QGIS Server seja a solução. A partir de uma instalação do QGIS é possível elaborar mapas com regras de zoom bem definidas e recursos avançados de simbologia e posteriormente visualizar este mapa com IDÊNTICA aparência em uma aplicação web (powered by QGIS Server!) sem grandes esforços. Ou seja, no melhor do estilo WYSIWYG.


MS-SQL 2008 Spatial experiments - last part

...and as started in another post, more (old) notes about MS-SQL 2008 Spatial.

Exporting from SQL2008 Spatial using OGR

$ ogr2ogr -f KML -s_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -where "mytable_id = 6850" myexporteditem.kml "MSSQL:dsn=MY_DSN;server=(local);database=DBNAME_HERE;tables=myscheme.mytable;uid=USER_HERE;pwd=PWD_HEREmytable

Setup PHP driver for SQL 2008

IMPORTANT: this was drafted in 2011/03, so it could easier nowadays ;-)

  • get and extract related package ( from Microsoft website)
  • copy file php_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9.dll to PHP extensions path
  • enable it at php.ini and run some phpinfo() to check it out